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The Interact Teacher’s Center is an online community built to help educators understand more about using active learning strategies in the classroom. The website is designed to provide valuable information on experiential learning projects and offer opportunities for educators to communicate with Interact authors, Teacher’s Center staff members, and fellow educators on their experiences. Membership is free and open to anyone who has an interest in challenging students to think and reason as they benefit from effective learning techniques. To give you an introduction, let’s take a tour through the site:



  • A summary from a Ball State University study briefly explores active learning strategies and gifted learners.


  • Our Forum invites members to share questions, comments, and ideas on their classroom experiences.


  • Our Blogs feature articles and thoughts on the latest developments in education and invites members to comment or contribute their own blog entries.


  • Our Lesson of the Month highlights an Interact unit that is especially timely for classrooms, providing an overview and strategies for implementation.


  • “The Best Darned Ideas for Teaching Interact in Your Classroom” feature invites members to share their experiences with active learning strategies and gives them a chance to win a free Interact E-book of their choice.


To learn more about the Interact simulations you can use in your classroom, please visit TeachInteract.com.

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