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TOY COMPANYStudents develop toy ideas, do market research, and present ideas at a board meeting


A Writing and Speaking Simulation in Which Students Develop Toys for the Children and Youth Market

Plunging into the highly competitive toy market with just enough time to design a line of products for the regional trade show, managers of a new company—your students—must organize, develop toy ideas (in project groups), do market research, present their ideas at a board meeting, and showcase prototypes for toy buyers. In this engaging simulation, students work cooperatively (under their CEO teacher) toward a common goal and, in the process, hone their writing and speaking skills. Includes a 48-page teacher's guide with reproducible examples and worksheets, and 35 eight-page student guides. Players: whole class. Time: 18–20 hours. Grades 5–8. Interact. ©1997.

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