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EMPIRESStudents experience firsthand a developing Fertile Crescent civilization


A Simulation Exploring the First Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent

Assuming the rotating roles of ruler, general, priest, scribe, and artisan, students work in cooperative groups to gain Civilization Points and advance from nomadic tribe to empire. In addition, they react to Fate Cards that force strategic decisions and complete tasks (e.g., designing pottery, mapping, and writing in cuneiform) to learn about the key elements of civilization. The teacher's guide includes procedures, handout masters, background readings, quizzes, essay prompts, and assessments. The simulation itself lasts for 16 class periods (plus optional debriefing periods), although activities may be omitted for a shorter run. Grades 6–12. 8½" x 11". Interact. 167 pages. ©2002.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 6–8

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